‘Put A Ribbon On It’ for World AIDS Day

By Adam, November 27th, 2015 in

In 1991 one small act changed the face of HIV/AIDS. Group of artists in New York City created ‘the Ribbon Project’, hoping that red ribbons and safety pins would make WAD Condom Pkg_4people think about AIDS.  It quickly became the ubiquitous international symbol of HIV/AIDS awareness, worn publicly by stars and regular folks alike. It was eventually adopted as the official symbol of World AIDS Day, commemorated annually on December 1st since 1988.

You can make a difference

Even wearing that little red ribbon can still make a difference. It’s provocative. A potent reminder that HIV still affects people in our community.   There are over 71000 people living with HIV in Canada.  Over 2000 new HIV infections each year take place.  In December 1st we’d like to see more people wearing the ribbon again, if only to remind us all that the fight is far from over.

Fortunately, new treatments are allowing people with HIV to live longer and healthier lives, and PrEP is revolutionizing HIV prevention.  But until we find a cure, we must keep fighting, continue the conversation and never give up.

This World AIDS Day PHAN, Peel Public Health and Bloom Clinic wants everyone to wear a Red Ribbon to support people living with HIV.  We are using the power of social media to share this message –  Put A Ribbon On It – and raise awareness that HIV is still an issue for Canadians living in Peel Region.