Our programs and services at PHAN are based on our mission:

  • To serve people living with/and affected by HIV/AIDS (PHA)
  • To limit the spread of the virus through support, education, advocacy and volunteerismThere are many people in our community who are living with/or are affected by HIV or AIDS.

AIDS is preventable. This is why we collect, distribute, and educate on current information about AIDS and its prevention. Through our community education and outreach programs, we pro-actively communicate with the general public and at-risk populations on HIV prevention, healthy sexuality and harm reduction. Our Health Promotion Team has specialized outreach programs, which are targeted to Men who have sex with Men (MSM), the African Diaspora, and Injection Drug users who are at risk for HIV infection.

The fight against AIDS requires a collective response and broad based community engagement. Our Volunteer program develops and supports a dynamic, well-trained volunteer team which reflects our community and serves the needs of our client base.

All our programs collaborate with a broad base of networks, organizations and community members in planning, service delivery and evaluation.

Our support department provides programs for individuals living with HIV/AIDS and those affected with a range of services including counselling, case management, health promotion, capacity building, and referrals to improve their quality of life.

Employment ACTion
PHAN’s partnership with Employment ACTion, a program of the AIDS Committee of Toronto (ACT), allows us to more effectively help PHA’s in the Peel Region (re)-enter the workforce. Employment ACTion is dedicated to providing employment options for PHA’s throughout the region through job preparation/readiness and assistance with job placement and retention.

Harm Reduction
Harm reduction is a public health measure which aims to reduce the adverse health, social and economic consequences of risky behaviours (substance use, unprotected sex etc.) from a nonjudgmental point of view.

African, Caribbean & Black
The African Caribbean and Black (ACB) Health Promotion Program plays two distinct roles. It seeks to provide capacity building for service providers, agencies and coalitions around HIV/AIDS for the ACB communities within the Region of Peel. This program recognizes the inter-sectional relationships that lack access, racism, classism, homophobia, heterosexism and other oppressive factors at play for those living with/affected by HIV/AIDS.

Men’s Health
Our program offers education and prevention to the gay, bisexual, Men who have sex with Men (MSM), and transgender men communities in the region of Peel. We take a harm reduction approach to safer sex practices for men. Further, we work closely with community partners to provide safe, positive spaces in the region of Peel for the LGBT community.

Women’s Health
The Women’s Health & Community Development program develops and implements health promotion and capacity building activities in response to women’s HIV/AIDS prevention needs, and works to improve the quality of life for women living with or affected by HIV/AIDS in the Region of Peel. We work with diverse agencies, organizations and groups that serve women and girls in the region in order to advance the Ontario Women and HIV Prevention Initiative.

HIV Support & Engagement
Our Client Support and Care program provides services for poeple living wih HIV/AIDS (PHAs) in the Region of Peel. We continue to meet and serve our clients in need of case coordination, counselling and referrals to community services and health care providers. We also support people affected by HIV/AIDS such as partners, close friends and family members and work with other community service providers in client support and in the dissemination of HIV/AIDS information. Our Engagement program provides health promotion and capacity building to PHAs in the Peel Region. PHAs from diverse backgrounds are engaged in peer driven skills development, peer based learning and mentorship activities. Through the empowerment of a supportive network and social engagement, PHAs in the Region of Peel will make better health choices, reduce their social isolation, improve their access to services and their abilities to address social determinants of health issues. We also work to build capacity with community partners and service providers to increase outreach to targeted populations who may otherwise not associate with the Peel HIV/AIDS Network.