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The stigma surrounding HIV stems from outdated or false information. HIV treatment has come a long way and an HIV-positive status is not a death sentence. Today, antiretroviral drugs allow HIV-positive people — and even those with AIDS — to live much longer, normal, and productive lives.

The best resource for HIV information that is up-to-date and relevant to Canadians is CATIE. See CATIE’s resource for those who are Newly Diagnosed with HIV. For basic information, see our pages:

Even if you do not feel comfortable telling a trusted friend or family member about your HIV status, it is beneficial to have a good support system. PHAN offers several programs to support people living with HIV in Peel.

Here are a few of the programs we offer for people living with HIV:

For more services, see our Programs.

You can also find services near you, including support and practical assistance services, at HIV 411

If you have any questions or just need general support, call our Support Programs Manager, Dawn, at 905-361-0523 Ext. 214 or e-mail