Living with HIV

Client Support and Care Program

Our Client Support and Care program provides services for poeple living wih HIV/AIDS in the Region of Peel. We continue to meet and serve our clients in need of case coordination, counselling and referrals to community services and health care providers. Our program also supports people affected by HIV/AIDS such as partners, close friends and family members. We also work with other community service providers in client support and in the dissemination of HIV/AIDS information.

For more information, please contact:

Dawn A.M. Scarlett, Support Program Coordinator
Phone: 905-361-0523 Ext. 214

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  • One-on-one counselling and case management
  • Referrals to doctors, lawyers, community and social agencies
  • Accompaniment to appointments and advocacy
  • Assistance with filling out applications, such as the Trillium Drug Plan
  • Meet and greet sessions, monthly drop-ins, and social groups for clients
  • Workshops on topics such as ODSP, HIV Treatment, Dealing with Stigma and positive prevention
  • Annual Client retreats
  • Emergency Financial Assistance, transit tokens and food vouchers
  • Collaboration with community partners in service coordination and advocacy


To improve the quality of life for people living with HIV/AIDS in our community through provision of quality services that empowers and recognizes the diversity of our clientele in Peel Region.


Our program goal is to provide meaningful practical and emotional support and care to our clients and their families and increase their participation in programs that support their growth.

  • To provide counselling and case management to individuals and families.
  • To provide emergency financial assistance to clients.
  • To provide skills developemnt and capacity building activities for clients.
  • To provide education and knowlege on current issues related to living with HIV.
  • To provide referral services for clients.
  • Advocacy for clients on legal and social issues.

Educational and Social Programs

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This program provides health promotion and capacity building to people living with and affected by HIV/AIDS (PHAs) in the Peel Region. PHAs from diverse backgrounds are engaged in peer driven skills development, peer based learning and mentorship activities. Through the empowerment of a supportive network and social engagement, PHAs in the Region of Peel will make better health choices, engage with their community, improve their access to services and their abilities to address social determinants of health issues. We also work to build capacity with community partners and service providers to increase outreach to targeted populations who may otherwise not associate with the Peel HIV/AIDS Network.

For more information, please contact:

Steve Gould, PHA Engagement Coordinator
Phone: 905-361-0523 Ext. 213


  • Organize heatlh promotion and skills development workshops for PHAs
  • Conduct PHA mentorship, employment preparedness and facilitators training programs and activities;
  • Conduct culturally and demographical appropriate social engagement and communication activities;
  • Facilitate PHA Speakers Bureau and provide organized support to promote PHAs involvement in service planning in forum and service provider training activities in the Region.
  • Collaborate with key community partners in GTA, such as Toronto PWA, ACT, CAAT, CATIE in delivering program activities.


To build the knowledge and increase the engagement of PHAs through skills development and peer-based training and learning, and to increase access to care, treatment and support services in the Region.