A Message from the Board on the International Day of Action for Women’s Health

By Chantelle Archambault, May 28th, 2018 in

May 28th is the International Day of Action for Women’s Health. We thank all of the allies and women’s rights advocates in the sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) movement who have come together today to commemorate the occasion.

Globally, Women’s human rights–and particularly sexual and reproductive rights- continue to be systematically contravened. Hence, a dialogue both within and beyond our communities remains essential, in order to resist any rollback on women’s rights and to advance sexual and reproductive justice for all.

Since the inception of the organization in 1993, Peel HIV/ AIDS Network (PHAN) has worked with communities that are marginalized and on issues of HIV, particularly with women living with HIV with a focus on their Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights.

We have learned that human rights violations in the context of HIV include the criminalisation and enactment of punitive laws which target key populations such as sex workers, trans women communities living with HIV, and other stigmatized populations. These violations include discrimination in the workplace and in health care services, gender inequality, and the denial of access to HIV services, among others.

On this day, PHAN pledges to work with its allies and community partners, with the aim of ensuring that SRHR’s are discussed, particularly in context with women who are living with HIV or facing a systemic risk for HIV. We will mobilize and take action in order to remind everyone that Women’s SRHR matters!