2SLGBTQ+ Programs

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Our 2SLGBTQ+ programs operate within an anti-oppressive and anti-racist framework that strives to decrease stigma and discrimination against diverse 2SLGBTQ+ communities and those living with or most affected by HIV/AIDS. We work closely with the communities we serve and community partners in Peel region to provide safer, positive spaces for 2SLGBTQ+ communities. Working through a health equity perspective, we aim to deliver programs and services that are inclusive, accessible and centered around the lived experience of our communities.

For more information, please contact:

Yoshith Perera, 2SLGBTQ+ Programs Manager
Phone: 905-361-0523 ext. 218
Email: yoshithp@phan.ca

GBTQMSM Men’s Health Program

This program offers health education programs (health promotion) to cis and trans, gay, bi, queer men who have sex with men who belong to communities in the region of Peel. We take a harm reduction approach to safer sex practices for men and work to ensure that all men have equitable access to health promotion and health management, regardless of their sexual and gender identities. Programs that fall under this program umbrella include;

  • The Totally Outright program: a free leadership program for young gay, bisexual, trans, and queer guys who are interested in being healthy, sex-savvy trendsetters. This program is offered to folks in the following age range; 18 – 29 years old.
  • The Wellness Series: a 6-week workshop course for cis and trans gay, bi or queer men who love men about social wellness, intimacy, and mental health. There are no age restrictions to this program.
  • Men’s Potluck: a social space for cis and trans gay, bi or queer men who love men to come together and spend time getting to know each other over food. These sessions take place every 3rd Wednesday evening.
  • Healthy Sexuality Capacity Building Workshops: a training program designed for service providers and service users to increase capacity in engaging in relevant topics relating to sexuality such as consent, wellbeing, pleasure, sex positivity, and safer sexuality strategies like PrEP and condoms.

Trans and Gender Non-Binary Programming

This program offers programs and supports for trans and gender non-binary folks residing in Peel region or requesting access to our services. Programs that fall under this program umbrella include;

  • Gender Journeys: a free workshop series that provides trans and nonbinary folks in Peel with a safer space to form meaningful connections with their communities. This workshop is great for folk who wish to obtain info about community, gender affirming healthcare, and healthy sexuality.

2SLGBTQ+ Collaborative of Peel Region

The 2SLGBTQ+ Collaborative of Peel region is currently working to increase coordination and leadership in Peel’s health and human services sectors related to two-spirit, lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, queer (2SLGBTQ+) community needs and interests. There are currently nine (9) community partners who sit on the 2SLGBTQ+ Collaborative of Peel region. The 2SLGBTQ+ Collaborative aims to strengthen the collective leadership voice of health, human service organizations, and other institutions in Peel region in support of 2SLGBTQ+ inclusion and equity.

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2SLGBTQ+ Training and Capacity Building Workshops

The Peel HIV/AIDS Network offers a variety of workshops and training programs related to 2SLGBTQ+ inclusion and capacity building in Peel region for service providers. Our training programs operate through an anti-oppressive and anti-racist framework and were developed by members of 2SLGBTQ+ communities. The workshops aim to familiarize participants with necessary knowledges and skills needed to foster 2SLGBTQ+ inclusive cultures within their respective organizations.

Advocacy and Campaigns

We work with communities to amplify key messages that hope to empower and support 2SLGBTQ+ communities and those living with or most affected by HIV/AIDS. One of our annual fundraisers include the We Belong campaign which brings stakeholders in the region together to empower youth to create safer and more inclusive spaces in Peel region.

  • U=U (Undetectable = Untransmittable): Sharing the message endorsed and verified by scientific literature and organizations throughout the world that achieving an undetectable status as an HIV+ person means that you are unable to transmit the virus through sexual engagement; “People living with HIV on ART with an undetectable viral load in their blood have a negligible* risk of sexual transmission of HIV. Depending on the drugs employed it may take as long as six months for the viral load to become undetectable. Continued and reliable HIV suppression requires selection of appropriate agents and excellent adherence to treatment. HIV viral suppression should be monitored to assure both personal health and public health benefits.
  • PrEP (Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis): PrEP is an innovative pill taken daily before sexual experiences that can be used by HIV-negative people to prevent HIV transmission.

For more information on any of our 2SLGBTQ+ programs, services and partnership opportunities, please feel free to contact:
Yoshith Perera, 2SLGBTQ+ Programs Manager (he/him)
Phone: 905-361-0523 ext. 218
Email: yoshithp@phan.ca

For more information about the GBTQMSM Men’s Health Program, please feel free to contact:
Jodh Singh, GBTQ+ Men’s Health Promotion Coordinator (he/him)
Phone: 905-361-0523 ext. 219
Email: jodhs@phan.ca

If you are interested in learning more about our Trans and Gender Non-Binary Programming, 2SLGBTQ+ Collaborative or if you are a service organization in Peel region looking to join as a member, please feel free to contact:
Ziva Gorani, 2SLGBTQ+ Special Projects Coordinator (she/her or they/them)
Phone: 905-361-0523 ext. 224
Email: zivag@phan.ca

If you are interested in learning more about our 2SLGBTQ+ Training and Capacity Building workshops, please feel free to contact:
Matt Conte, 2SLGBTQ+ Training & Capacity Building Coordinator (he/him)
Phone: 905-361-0523 ext. 225
Email: matthewc@phan.ca

2SLGBTQ+ Team Safer Space Policy:

Please note that the 2SLGBTQ+ team at the Peel HIV/AIDS Network strives to create spaces that are free of as many barriers as possible as means to working towards liberation. This means that we are all responsible for creating the spaces we desire, by educating ourselves, each other and ensuring that we are continually engaging in these conversations and creating relationships of support and collective responsibility. While we recognize that no space is exclusively “safe” for anyone, we must collectively work towards mitigating harms.

The 2SLGBTQ+ Team works towards recognizing dynamics of power and privilege that exist within society and which have historically oppressed 2SLGBTQ+ communities. We believe that these same dynamics and tensions exist within our own communities and we are working continuously towards addressing these tensions and creating supportive spaces. People participating in our programs and services are asked to be aware of their language and behaviour and to think about whether these may be harming others. Our spaces are not spaces for explicit or implicit violence, racism, sexism, ageism, transphobia, cissexism, sizeism, fatphobia, sexual harassment, and gender policing, or doing anything to another person without their consent. Acting in a way that disrespects, harms others or undermines these values will not be tolerated at any time.