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Peel Public Health WalkersWith only about 48 hours remaining before our AIDSWalk, we’ve decided to put the spotlight on our partners, Peel Public Health, who have gathered a team of Dedicated Heroes for the Walk that have already raised over $500 for our cause. We asked them a few questions related to the Walk – so you can get to know them a bit better – and here’s what they had to say:

Tell us about your team

Our team is made up of staff from our Healthy Sexuality Program. There are Public Health Nurses, Community Development Workers, a Health Promoter, a Research and Policy Analyst, a Manager, Administrative staff and Supervisors, along with our family members and friends joining us on the day of the Walk.

What does the Walk mean to you?

Rajani Rajeev, a Community Development Worker on the Needle Exchange Program feels that Scotiabank AIDS Walk for Life allows her to be an advocate for people living with HIV/AIDS to receive services. She is doing the Walk to raise awareness in her community, as well as try to fight the stigma that individuals, who live with HIV/AIDS experience. “As human beings we should take care of one another and try to make a bigger impact in the community”.

What one thing should the Community know about HIV?

The community should know that you cannot tell who has HIV/AIDS. The only way to know if you have HIV is to get tested. We have five Public Health clinics throughout the Region of Peel where we provide HIV testing including the Rapid Test. Clients do have the option of anonymous or nominal HIV testing. We also provide HIV testing through our Peel Works Needle Exchange Program mobile van’s Nursing Services on Monday evenings.

How does HIV impact the Peel community?

While the HIV rates in Peel are not high as other STIs, HIV should still be a concern to the community. There is currently no cure for HIV and it can have a significant impact both financially and emotionally to those living with the disease or their loved ones.

How is your team raising funds for the Walk?

Our individual team members have been raising funds by sending out e-mails to family and friends. One team member enjoys cooking, is considering auctioning off baked goods or a meal to her Facebook friends and family who make a donation.

What superhero would you invite to the Walk and why?

If given the opportunity, we would invite Spiderman to the Walk. His human alter ego Peter Parker is driven by the words from his Uncle “With great power comes great responsibility”. To our team this represents the passion and dedication that each of our team members has in addressing HIV/AIDS in our various roles in the Healthy Sexuality Program.

Please consider donating online and help us raise funds to support people living with HIV in Peel. Every dollar makes a difference and it’s not too late!

About the AIDS Walk:

This year, our annual fundraising event, the Scotiabank AIDS Walk For Life Peel is taking place at Duggan Park in Brampton on Saturday, September 20th from 6 – 9pm!
The theme for this year’s walk is ‘Heroes for Zero’ and we hope that you will stand with PHAN with determination to achieve ZERO AIDS related deaths, ZERO new infections and ZERO discrimination.

AIDS Walk for Life

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