Come Out to 2SLGBTQ+ Dodgeball!

By Chantelle Archambault, July 23rd, 2018 in

Looking for some active and social summer fun? Join us for 2SLGBTQ+ (2-Spirit, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Queer) Dodgeball Night next Tuesday! (Register on Eventbrite or Facebook.)

In partnership with Gay Ball Society (GBS), we will be hosting some fun and safe games of dodgeball for members of 2SLGBTQ+ communities at Sports Plus Ltd. in Mississauga. Gay Ball Society will bring their expertise running social, non-competitive sports in Toronto to help us out for the night.

PHAN will provide some light refreshments at the event; however, you may want to bring a reusable water bottle to ensure that you can stay hydrated during the night (there is a water fountain on site that is available for your use).

As we will be engaging in physical activity for the evening, you are encouraged to wear clothes and shoes that you feel comfortable being active in.

Should you require any accessibility accommodations, please let us know prior to the event and we will do our best to make sure that all folks can participate in the games as fully as possible. Please ensure that you review our safer space policy outlined below.

Safer Space Policy:

PHAN collectively strives to create spaces that are free of as many barriers as possible as means to working towards liberation. This means that we are all responsible for creating the spaces we desire, by educating ourselves, each other and ensuring that we are continually engaging in these conversations and creating relationships of support and collective responsibility. While we recognize that no space is exclusively “safe” for anyone, we must collectively work towards mitigating harms.

PHAN works towards recognizing dynamics of power and privilege that exist within society and which have historically oppressed 2SLGBTQ+ communities. We believe that these same dynamics and tensions exist within our own communities and we are working continuously towards addressing these tensions and creating supportive spaces. People participating in our events are asked to be aware of their language and behaviour and to think about whether these may be harming others. Our spaces are not spaces for explicit or implicit violence, racism, sexism, ageism, transphobia, cissexism, sizeism, fatphobia, sexual harassment, and gender policing, or doing anything to another person without their consent. Acting in a way that disrespects, harms others or undermines these values will not be tolerated at any time. PHAN reserves the right to assess and manage circumstances and situations in the best interest of our collective vision towards creating ‘liberation’ and ‘safer’ spaces.

pink background with poster for 2slgbtq+ dodgbeball night on june 31st 7 to 9 pm at sports plus mississauga

Register on Eventbrite or Facebook.